Improved Production Category


This is a series which is very popular in Australia. Cars have to be reasonably standard but modifications can be made. Larger engines can be fitted but the number of cylinders cannot be increase nor can the make of the engine be changed. Fords must have Ford engines and Toyotas Toyota engines etc. Only road tyres can be used. There are rules to control the look of the cars so they look similar to the original car. This class would fit between 2K Cup and GTNZ. HRC would be interested to hear from any one that would be interested in running in class like this, it should appeal to drivers with any sort of car which is only slightly modified and does not fit into any of the current classes. HRC are talking to Auckland Car Club Production Saloons and K sports sedans that are very similar and looking to include them in some of our events:

  • MotorCup Meeting at Hampton Downs in January
  • Rumble in the Park at Pukekohe in February
  • A N Other VERY high Profile event that is currently being negotiated

For Draft Improved Production rules click here