Dennis the Menace Part 1

From the heart of Mooloo country, that rich fertile dairy bowl of the Waikato, came a new force stirring in the mid to late ’50s – and it had nothing to do with milk quotas or, for that matter, the obsessive passion of cow bell-clanking locals for the hard men of the rugby pitch.
It was a time when the children born around or shortly before the cataclysm of World War
II were growing up in a new world of greater mechanisation. They were hungry to explore
the limits of this new frontier after years of deprivation.
At the time, it seemed as if the automobile and young men were made for each other, attracted
like a parched man stumbling across a pub in the desert. And, in the restrictive straightjacket
of New Zealand’s rural society of the ’50s, the car symbolised power, freedom, speed and


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