MYLAPS Transponders can be purchased from the Historic Racing Club. Order online at or send a cheque to HRC Inc, PO Box 28140 Remuera.


HRC has the new MYLAPS X2 transponders in stock

Advantages are they can be charged in 4 hours instead of 12 hours and they will be compatible with new in car displays available within 12 months


MYLAPS X2 Rechargeable Transponder 1 Year $220
MYLAPS X2 Direct Wired Transponder 1 Year $270

MYLAPS X2 Rechargeable Transponder 2 Year $295
MYLAPS X2 Direct Wired Transponder 2 Year $335

MYLAPS X2 Direct Wired Transponder 5 Year $565


Flexilease Rechargeable Transponder 5 year $520 (only 2 in stock)


At the end of the license period to activate your transponder is AU$100 for 1 year, 2 years AU $181.50 and 5 years AU $368.50.


All MYLAPS Transponders are used at all New Zealand circuits.

MYLAPS provides personal transponders to fulfill the needs of organizations as well as the needs of participants. With the introduction of the Car/Bike X2 personal transponder, MYLAPS offers a low cost entry solution for racers.