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HRC Events run race meetings that feature the best racing classes in the sport in New Zealand today. These include modern international single seaters, single manufacturer series, ‘modern historic’ series like Formula 5000, Historic Sports Sedans, Historic Muscle Cars, ‘star of tomorrow’ classes like Formula Ford and Formula First as well as popular club racing categories and unique series like Hooters Vintage Series and Superkarts. In short, there’s something for everyone somewhere on our calendars. Check these awesome motor racing classes out... they’re coming to a race track near you soon...


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PPG Classic Trial

 PPG Classic Trials is a great way to enjoy motorsport in your classic car. Triallists enjoy great days out at Hampton Downs, Pukekohe and Taupo race tracks. The camaraderie amongst your fellow car enthusiasts is as much fun as the chance to blow the dust off your classic car. 


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For an introduction to Classic Trials - please click here

To see the Personal Equipment Requirements to compete in Classic Trials - please click here


Formula Open

Formula Open Series gets a boost for the coming season

The Seven Tatuus FT40 ex Toyota TRS cars that have recently been purchased by a Wellington Company have now all been fully refurbished and will be ready for lease for the new EAG Formula Open NZ class and the remainder of the MATOS Formula Libre series. From the information I have been given to this point it looks like you will be able to lease a car for the six rounds (2 x MATOS & 4 x FONZ) for around the 15k mark. This also includes limited on track support from the suppliers. All running costs will of course be yours.

This is a great opportunity to young guys and girls wanting a step up from Formula Ford before getting into Toyota TRS International Series or more mature people wanting to sample a proper racing car.

These cars are not to be underestimated as Kenny Smith says that these Tatuus FT40’s will be on about the same pace as the Formula Atlantics that currently dominate the Formula Libre class. The FONZ class is looking really exciting at the moment with up to seven of these Tatuus FT40’s (two already committed) and a guaranteed five Formula Atlantics (probably four more from the South Island), three Formula Renaults (also FT40), two Formula Holden’s and three Formula Ford 2000’s, three Formula Suzuki’s as well as a couple of other wings and slicks models that currently run with Formula Libre and we have a minimum nineteen cars already.

We have made the EAG Formula Open NZ Series four rounds over January and February is to make it economical for the South Islanders to bring their cars up and leave them in the North Island. There is currently no top level domestic single seater class in the country apart from the Toyota Racing series and that is predominantly made up of overseas drivers.


If you would like more information on leasing an ex TRS Tatuus FT40 or you know someone that would like to be involved please contact. John Tomlin MATOS Formula Libre & EAG Formula Open
Cel 021 759 820

Improved Production Car Series

NEW RULES FOR 2023/24 Season

08/08/2023 - Season 2023/24 Rules Update

Download the latest rules HERE



A competition vehicle derived from a registered production automobile, with limited modifications to improve performance and reliability in race or speed events on circuits or other licensed tracks. To be eligible, the models of vehicles must be or have been mass-produced touring cars.

IPC is for normal production cars (think 2K Cup) that have been “improved”. The engine block must have the same number of cylinders/rotors and the same configuration as was standard or available as a manufacturers option for that particular model (eg, in line, horizontally opposed).

The block must be from the same manufacturer (eg, Ford, GMH, Nissan) as the original car. (ie BMW E30 could have any 6 cylinder BMW engine) and the car may run slicks or DOT rated tyres. No space frame cars.




The three 20 minute races have been very successful this past season. For 2023/24 Season detailed rules click Here

If this is of interest to you, please contact Alan Greig | Driveline for further details.




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Heritage Touring Car Racing

NEW FOR 2022



The sort of Heritage Touring Cars that we want to see out racing are pre 94 Touring
cars, marques will include BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Commodore, RX7, Corvette,
Datsun, Group A and any pre 1994 British touring car. Each car will considered
individually and will be in the “Spirit” of a touring car from the eighties and
early nineties.


If this is of interest to you, please contact Chris at the office for further details.


2K Cup

Got two grand burning a hole in your pocket? Go buy a road legal car that’s not too old and you, like almost 150 new drivers in the past couple of years, can go racing in a club sport series that has captured the imagination of the racing community. There is no limit to how much you can spend on safety, but you can’t modify the car for performance. You race for 2,000 seconds, and if you’re too fast the organisers can buy your car off you for two and a half grand. Fun, fun and fun again. Don't get caught cheating or bending the rules either, or you may end up doing the series BBQ for a round or two as your sentence! Like the web site says, it's all about racing the car, not the bank.


2K Cup web site


TV3 News story on 2K Cup - a must view!

NZ Tranzam Series

The re-birth of the New Zealand Tranzam Challenge is looking exciting. A starting grid of around 15 race cars is expected and the spectators at Hampton Downs -- November 25th & 26th --- will not be disappointed. 


The line up of Camaro, Mustang, Corvette & Jaguar, to name a few, will be crowd pleasers and will generate more interest in this exciting class of V8's. With the 6 litre engines and close racing the spectacle of these cars is going to be fantastic.


See the NZ Tranzam Facebook for further details  here 

Formula 5000

The world’s fastest museum, only in New Zealand. Sure, you can see these behemoths from the 1960s and 1970s on other race tracks in the world, but nowhere apart from New Zealand will you see as many examples of the breed, and they are all prepared and presented to immaculate high standards. Lolas, McRaes, McLarens, the odd Begg all the Talons ever built. They're all there and more besides. It’s like going back in time. Just ask the greatest Formula 5000 racer of all time, Kenny Smith, now well into his fifth decade of racing in big banger single seaters and still loving every minute. And winning. A must see category for any petrolhead.


New Zealand Formula 5000 web site


In Car action Formula 5000 Ruapuna

Historic Muscle Cars (HMC)


To recreate and celebrate history - that is the intent of Historic Muscle Cars. To celebrate a period in Australasian motorsport history from 1965 – 74, when the cars were the stars, when cars had charisma, when each was unique, and each enjoyed legendary status. The aim of Historic Muscle Cars is to celebrate this period in motorsport, and these types cars.


Historic Muscle Cars Website


Photo Credit Dewi Jones

Hooters Vintage Race Series

New for the 2017 Season is the Hooters Vintage Race Series.  Sponsored by Hooters Vintage Car Hire of Napier, the series is designed for Pre December 1960 cars and they run under a VCC Permit rather than MSNZ.

There is a huge variety of vehicles competing - from a 1931 Blower Bentley 4.5 to a 1956 Standard 10 Saloon. Terry Roycroft competes in his Bugatti and Ray Ferner runs one of Ralph Watsons early cars - the BSA Special.

BMW Series

When you get a bunch of guys who are genuinely interested in motorsport and who also have a love of the BMW marque, sit them around a table and start throwing ideas around, you come up with the BMW Race Driver Series. Over the last eight years this series has developed into the Australasia's largest race groups with over 100 race cars gathering at meetings to compete. We all enjoy close racing and camaraderie. BMW race series culture!

A race weekend normally runs with a practice day on the Friday all day, qualifying Saturday morning to get the first race grid for the first race on Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning is a reverse grid or handicap race and Sunday afternoon the final race seeded on weekend points score.


BMW Series web site


BMW Series promotional video


New Zealand Sportscars

In case you missed it, Kiwi drivers finished first and second at the world’s biggest sportscar race, Le Mans, in 2015. The sportscar series in New Zealand reflects much of what is amazing about the Le Mans field, more so than any open sportscar category in this part of the world. In many ways the cars racing around tracks like Hampton Downs, Taupo and Manfeild are simply 'baby' Le Mans prototypes and a driving thrill for amateurs and pros alike. Machines from Juno and Radical along with home-built specials in true New Zealand style form the backbone of the series. It’s all about downforce, technology and precision… maximum speed.

New Zealand Sportscar web site


In Car camera New Zealand Sportscars

Kumho Tyres Pre-65

The classics of a bygone era lovingly restored and run by a group of enthusiasts with one eye on history and one eye on racing. Big fields of 20-25 cars means the racing is hard fought, but the real treat is a wander around the paddock to enjoy the quality of the cars and the history that they bring. Entry is restricted to vehicles produced before the 31st December 1965. Cars must retain their original bodies, block material, crankshaft stroke, heads and use gearbox housings in production before Dec 1965. Limited slip differentials are not allowed and brakes are heavily restricted too. However, contrary to what people may first think, they are not simply 'hotted up' classics parading around the track! - They are pure race cars, developed to a point that most, if not all are superior in performance and development to any similar car racing in the sixties and then raced hard!

Kumho Tyres Pre-65 web site


In Car camera Kumho Tyres Pre-65 race series

New Zealand SuperKarts

As mad as it gets. Highly strung engines, sticky little tyres and gearboxes, with many of these machines running way out  futuristic bodywork. And what does it all add up to? Well, Superkart lap times are on a par with the best single seaters in New Zealand at many of the tracks. The cornering speeds are hard to believe and the way these things accelerate is just unreal. You won’t believe what you are seeing when you see these intrepid racers dicing it out in a pack.


New Zealand Superkarts web site


In Kart camera New Zealand Superkarts

NZ Superlap

New Zealand’s own time attack series. There are classes for road going machines and track only cars and the level of modification is extreme to say the least. Giant wings, tyre warmers, big boost turbos and aero sprouting out of every corner make these cars unique in New Zealand. It’s them against the clock, so watch out for the shoot outs…!


Having said all of that if you want a great way to get into circuit motorsport where there is no contact then this is the discipline for you. Street class allows you to drive your car to the track, compete and go home and at the very top of the ladder are the amazing Pro Open category.


New Zealand Superlap Series web site


On Car camera! - NZ Superlap Series


Rotary Race Enthusiasts


If it’s got a rotary motor and you want to race it – then this is the class for you.

NZRRE is a class set up by a group of rotary enthusiasts and run with the NZRDL and V8 SuperTourers. The category offers turbocharged, normally aspirated and beginners classes for the drivers. Any MSNZ-compliant rotary-powered vehicle from a relatively standard club level racing car to a highly modified garage special that may or may not have started life with rotary power will be eligible and encouraged to run.

Rotary-powered vehicles have been used in nearly all forms of motorsport in New Zealand over the years from motorcycles and even jet sprint boats as well as circuit racing and rallying, where there has been a strong following going as far back as the 1970s when the power-to-weight ratio benefits of the rotary power plant were first realised. The group hopes to attract all vintages of vehicles to the race weekends, with racing, fun and community the main focus.

The rule book is simple and the main objective is to get rotary people out racing and competing in their machinery. A great range of vehicles has provided exciting racing, from classic RX2 and RX3 vehicles through to the latest Rx7 and Rx8’s with a sprinkling of non-Mazda chassis with rotary power plants makes for an interesting and colourful class.

Contact Julius Coffey the NZRRE club president on 0274 465 436, email or click through to the NZRRE facebook page for all the latest news and event information


Rotary Race Enthusiasts Facebook page


In Car camera Rotary Race Enthusiasts

Pirelli Porsche Championship

A great range of 911 variants and other Porsche machinery can be seen in the Pirelli Porsche series. Strong, fast and of course with their own unique engine note, the Porsche series in New Zealand is well established with a good core of drivers who are all members of the Porsche Club of New Zealand. Classics in their own right and very fast on the tight demanding New Zealand race tracks. 911, 996, 997, 924 and 944 - they're all there.


Porsche Racing New Zealand web site


In Car Porsche action at Pukekohe