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HRC Events is run by enthusiasts and we're passionate about motorsport and all of the categories that race in New Zealand. As part of our offering to the sport, HRC Events can provide the following at any of its motorsport events.  If you are interested, then please get in touch with the contact mentioned.


Organise your racing dates


organise your race datesIt's what we do. We have great relationships with racing categories in New Zealand and we have won their trust as a reliable organisation that does its best for them and tries to deliver the events and dates they are after. So if you are looking for one or more events now or in the future for your racing category, get in touch and let us know what your requirements are. We'll do our very best to accommodate them.


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Promote your race meeting


promoteTake the stresses and strains away from running the race meeting and let HRC Events do it for you. We already run more motorsport events than everyone else in the country combined and that's because we do it well.


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Get your racing license


race licenseWe run regular MSNZ racing license examination sessions to help you get on the fast track to the race track. If you are not sure what sort of license you need then you can drop us a line and we will help you with that process too. Our examination evenings are based in the Auckland area and we have put hundreds through their paces already. So make sure you know the rules (www.motorsport.org.nz) and get in touch.


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Pre-event and post event press releases


press releaseDo you want a professionally written and distributed press release to target motorsport and sporting media in advance of a key event? Perhaps you are looking for a series long campaign to build awareness and profile of your team, driver or class? Or perhaps you are looking for a series of editorials that do all of the above AND give your valuable sponsors some extra profile in the public marketplace. We can help and it's no where near as expensive as you might imagine.


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Event and post event photography


NZV8Fed up with not having any photographs of your category? Nothing to give sponsors? Occasionally using things that perhaps you shouldn't be? HRC Events works with all of the sport's passionate and regular photographers. We can arrange for your category to be photographed at a future event and for an agreed selection of shots to be made available to you promptly after each race meeting. There are a number of options available.


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Marketing and Social Media


FBNeed a web site, or a facebook site with promotion to your target audiences? What about flyers or posters or even sponor branded wallpapers for people to download? You may even wnat to organise a one off event that has a racing theme. HRC EVents can offer all of these services to the categories that run with it. We'll be happy to help. Get in touch with us - you might be quite surprised with the range of things we can do!


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Category, Series or Event sponsorship


aston 2Are you interested in broadening your profile or building a brand? HRC events works closely with all of its categories and as well as offering title and support sponsorship for its events or series, we can also help place a sponsor with a category, as well as helping set up a relationship with key performance indicators that are vital to the sponsor and an important discipline for a category.  So, if you want to sponsor an event, one of our series, a category, or even a specific driver or car then contact us now with your thoughts.


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Do you want to get involved in racing?


marshalsThe best way to get involved in motor racing and become part of the community is to become a volunteer. Motorsport is so much more than just competing and there are many ways to be a part of the action. Many motorsport clubs would love to have you become actively involved and there will be a local club you can start at! Experience does not matter, you will be welcomed to the “family’ of volunteers with open arms. After receiving training and gaining experience, there will also be opportunities to participate at professional events and other high profile events as well as plenty of great local events. Lots of volunteers travel to Australia and other countries to participate in international events in those countries.


There are many crashareas you can become involved in at the various events, this depends on your interests. Secretariat? Flag Marshalling? Scrutineer or Technical? Pit Marshal? Grid Marshal? Course Marshal? Communications? Emergency Services? Timing and Results? Almost every function of a race meeting relies on volunteer input. And don't forget, if you’re starting your competition career, you probably really want to know how to increase your skills and knowledge of our sport and volunteering is again a great way to begin. Get your friends and family involved at an event too. And remember, without volunteers, many events wouldn’t exist. Until you have volunteered yourself, you won’t truly understand what it is like!


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